Catholic courtship vs dating

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It may call to mind a famous song about a certain Froggy and what he went a-doin’.

Your soul is at stake and perhaps a happy marriage and a possible vocation. The road to chastity is paved with prayer, the Eucharist, and reading of the New Testament.

(Read that post here) Debra Fileta, author of True Love Dates, comments about the courtship vs dating debate in an article posted in Relevant Magazine, “The world of dating can be hard to navigate for a young Christian.

Dating in wider society is often portrayed as a feel-good experience.

However, because I am going to in this post threaten some sacred cows, I anticipate getting some disagreement. My child will not “date”; they will “court.” Okay, well what really matters is the substance of what is going on at these liaisons, not what you call them.

You can call it courting, dating, keeping company, going steady, (or, my mother’s annoying phrase from the 1960’s, “going with”), or whatever you want. I know of some families who don’t let their kids “date,” but allow their daughters to be in situations with other boys that would be tantamount to dating, but they for some reason allow it because it’s not called dating and because “we know their family,” as if that makes concupiscence and passion any less intense!

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