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leading up to the meeting with Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya at Trump Tower.“Since her name is in the email, people will want her to answer questions,” said Peter King, a member of the House Intelligence Committee.On March 25th, I wrote a post about the inevitable resignation of Donald Trump that was read on Medium by more than 420,000 politically astute and still hopeful American citizens.I’m now slightly embarrassed to admit that my prediction was wrong — my prophecy was off by a factor of 25 insane tweets, nine impeachable offenses, four treasonous acts, one damning FBI memo, and an as yet undisclosed sex scandal involving the president and a top White House aide.Before the movie is over, plenty of blood will be spilled, splattered, and vomited, and Fanning will have catwalked her way through several surreal dream sequences, including one where she deep-throats a knife.(That’s hardly the weirdest thing happens in will be Fanning’s breakout moment as a nearly adult ingenue.Shortly after the inauguration, the Trump administration reinitiated talks, which had gone silent over the last seven months of Obama’s presidency after Pyongyang broke them off in anger over US sanctions imposed on Kim Jong Un.

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"The perfect beer for removing 'no' from your vocabulary for the night." It sounds worse and worse the more you think about it.But somebody at Budweiser thought about it an awful lot, and decided to stick it on a bottle anyway.In an emailed statement Alexander Lambrecht, Vice-President for Bud Light of Anheuser-Busch, said, "It’s clear that this message missed the mark, and we regret it.She’s a sympathetic presence in the movie’s first half as Jesse endures a series of gross indignities — most especially the command by a top photographer to strip and assent to being groped by his gold-painted hand — and later, as Jesse comes into her own and exults in the power of her own beauty, Fanning finds something fascinating in Jesse’s hardened malevolence. After Drive came out, Refn flirted with a number of big-studio assignments — including a quickly vacated gig directing Denzel Washington in The Equalizer — before turning his back on Hollywood with the ugly Only God Forgives, the film equivalent of two raised middle fingers.Casting her as a muse carries with it a whiff of meta promise, too, since Fanning’s work with Refn is the first of several collaborations to come with acclaimed auteurs, including films with Sofia Coppola, John Cameron Mitchell, Ben Affleck, and Mike Mills all teed up in the next year. I’m happy to say, then, that The Neon Demon feels much more like Drive than its follow-up: While it’s highly stylized and far more bat-shit crazy than Drive, at least it seeks to entertain rather than repel.

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