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Usain Bolt yielded that as an adolescent encountering adolescence in Jamaica, he now and again used cannabis.

Shock hasn't had any run-ins with the International Olympic Committee regarding cannabis use while fighting, yet I speculate that he knows how to keep things peaceful. If he needs to thank weed for that title, I'm sure that' be OK.

Jolt, who ran his at first race (100m) this Saturday, starting late said in a meeting that he will win gold in each one of the three events he is running.

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All about them, the air thrums with a dope (literally) new sound: Rossmusic. Rebagliati has just signed on with the star-making agents of IMG, presumably hoping that his medal, along with his farm-boy look and aw-shucks grin, will lead to endorsements aplenty — as long as he sticks with his story that secondhand smoke from the mouths of his buds led to the positive test.

Local cannabis advocate Stephen Jiu is singing a Dylanesque ballad, with the rather unfortunate refrain "They made you like a zero / But you're, you're our hero." Nearby Mike Vollmer, the singer for a Whistler band called the Dank Nuggs (local slang for "killer spleef"), is readying to do the tribute thing himself, on the stage high above the throngs. Never mind that toxicology experts are dubious, to say the least. Steven Karch, editor of The Forensic Drug Abuse Advisor.

In 1998, the corporate community shied away from sponsoring an athlete who was tied to marijuana.

His ability to compete was also hindered — Rebagliati was barred from entering the United States, and other countries, because he had publicly admitted past drug use."My career came to a grinding halt. The year I won the Olympics I made ,000 for the year."Hopefully his new endeavor will help him make up for some lost income.

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