Updating database examples java

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create database Sample DB; use Sample DB; CREATE TABLE `users` ( `user_id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `username` varchar(45) NOT NULL, `password` varchar(45) NOT NULL, `fullname` varchar(45) NOT NULL, `email` varchar(45) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`user_id`) ); Practical Database Programming with Java - This book is for those who are beginner in Java database programming and want to catch up with the main database programming techniques with straightforward and easy to learn example code. This method returns an update count indicating how many rows in the table were affected by the query, so checking this return value is necessary to ensure the query was executed successfully.

String sql = "INSERT INTO Users (username, password, fullname, email) VALUES (? In this case, method should return 1 to indicate one record was inserted.

I have a table with 2 columns for storing application settings in Oracle database.

The value is casted to a String because we know that the username field is of type VARCHAR based on the database schema mentioned previously. "; Prepared Statement statement = conn.prepare Statement(sql); String(1, "123456789"); String(2, "William Henry Bill Gates"); String(3, "[email protected]"); String(4, "bill"); int rows Updated = statement.execute Update(); if (rows Updated String sql = "DELETE FROM Users WHERE username=?UICommand.broadcast(UICommand.java:315) at javax.faces.component. UIView Root.broadcast Events(UIView Root.java:794) at javax.faces.component. UIView Root.process Application(UIView Root.java:1259) at faces.lifecycle. Invoke Application Phase.execute(Invoke Application Phase.java:81) at faces.lifecycle. Lifecycle Impl.execute(Lifecycle Impl.java:118) at javax.faces.webapp. Faces Servlet.service(Faces Servlet.java:593) at org.apache. Standard Wrapper.service(Standard Wrapper.java:1542) at org.apache. Standard Wrapper Valve.invoke(Standard Wrapper Valve.java:281) at org.apache.Standard Context Valve.invoke(Standard Context Valve.java:175) at org.apache.java JDBCExample Connecting to a selected database... ID: 100, Age: 30, First: Zara, Last: Ali ID: 101, Age: 30, First: Mahnaz, Last: Fatma ID: 102, Age: 30, First: Zaid, Last: Khan ID: 103, Age: 28, First: Sumit, Last: Mittal Goodbye!

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